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Familiarize yourself with Missouri S&T's Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is a state-of-the-art research communication hub that provides opportunities for researchers to use technology to connect humanities-based skills and knowledge to real-world problems. The Collaboratory has a plethora of equipment students can use freely. Come join us to learn more about what we have to offer and how to use the equipment we have.

Join us on February 23rd at 10:00 am to learn more!

Past Events

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The Writing Game: A Generative Workshop for Creative Writers

Poets and prose writers were invited to come together for informal writing sessions that harness the energy of the group for individual writing in a supportive community. No lecture, no critique.  

In fall 2023, this workshop was hosted by Dr. Agnes Vojta who has been part of such a group online for several years and wants to bring this experience to the campus community. 

Public Interest Technology University Network

On October 20th of fall 2023, S&T celebrated joining the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN). Public interest technology refers to a set of practices guiding the design, deployment and governance of technology in ways that advance the public interest. 

Neuroscience Presentation

Students in Dr. Amy Belfi's neuroscience class present their research projects at the end of the spring 2023 semester. 

English and Technical Communication Capstone Presentations

Students in English and Technical Communication present their capstone projects for an in-person and online audience in May 2023.

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History and Political Science Display

In December 2022, Nelson Colón held a Missouri S&T History and Political Science Department display in the S&T Collaboratory. For his senior capstone project, Nelson presented on police units in World War Two. A walk-through of the display can be found here.

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Student Research Symposium

The Center for Science, Technology, and Society hosted a student research symposium on November 30, 2022 in the Collaboratory. CSTS showcased student research, completed or in progress, related to the interrelations of science, technology, and society.

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Remediation Project Exhibit

In November 2022, Dr. Dolan's "American Gothic" class held an exhibit in the Collaboratory on their Remediation Projects. These students were asked to transform one piece from class into another form of media. Books were turned into paintings and models, stories into knit figurines, and films into video games. Dr. Dolan noted, "Students always impress me with how creative they are in these projects. One of the best parts is how closely they work with the original source material."

Dr. Reardon stands in front of the collaborator talking to an audience.

Senior Capstone Presentations

In May 2022, English and Technical Communication senior students in Dr. Daniel Reardon's English 4290 presented their capstone presentations inside the new Collabratory space. The students presented their professional e-portfolios, which featured their best work in Missouri S&T courses, internships and co-ops, organizational activities, and other work-related projects. 

Sigma Tau Delta Readathon

Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society) hosted a 12-hour live reading of various Shakespearian texts in celebration of National Poetry Month and in honor of Shakespeare's birthday on April 23, 2022. The reading was streamed from the Missouri S&T Collaboratory and was a fundraiser for the Rolla Mission.

Historical Gaming

Students in Professor Ketcherside's Early Western Civilization class use the Collaboratory to engage in playing board games based on historical events. In this picture, Eric Kleinschmidt, Caleb Brunk, Cindy Wilson, and Joe Selenke play Conquest of the Empire.

Phi Alpha Theta Initiation 2022

Dr. Petra DeWitt welcomes the new Phi Alpha Theta members and guests to the 2022 History & Political Science Awards Ceremony. New honor society members were initiated, scholarship winners announced, and the History Student of the Year was announced. Guests had the pleasure of listening to author and oral historian Alex Primm read from his book, Ozark Voices.