A collaborative effort between the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education and the College of Engineering and Computing, Intersections is an interdisciplinary discussion series addressing complex topics.

A panel of S&T experts including Major Matt Burmeister, Professor of Military Science; Dr. Steven Cors, Associate Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering; and Dr. John McManus, military historian and Curators' Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science, discuss the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Watch the presentation here.

The COVID-19 global pandemic continues to impact society in many ways. Learn about the psychological factors, vaccine science, and aerosol spread of COVID-19 from Dr. Amber Henslee, associate professor of Psychological Science, Dr. David Westenberg, professor of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Yang Wang, assistant professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. 

Watch the presentation here.

Experts present information on the historical, political, military, and economic contexts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started in February 2022. Listen to Dr. Andrew Behrendt, assistant teaching professor of History and Political Science, Dr. Michael Davis, associate professor of Economics, Dr. Alanna Krolikowski, assistant professor of History and Poltiical Science, and Dr. John McManus, Curators' Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science discuss early implications of the war. 

Watch the presentation here.

A panel discussion comprised of various experts discussed climate issues affecting our world from a biological, geological and philosophical perspective in person and online via Zoom.

The panel of experts includes the following Missouri S&T faculty: Dr. Shane Epting, an assistant professor of philosophy; Dr. Robin Verble, an associate professor of biological sciences; and Dr. Wan Yang, professor of geology and geophysics.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Shannon Fogg, Professor of History and Political Science and the Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education (CASE).

Watch the panel discussion here.